Landscape Inspired

Welcomes You

  Jason Theaker          

Intrinsic nature is VERY important to me! I feel humble immersed in it, I feel at peace surrounded by it and its beauty regularly dissolves my worries. My photographic ‘aims’, tend to be regularly focused on capturing the pure environment, untainted by human intervention, coupled with the desire to seek out emotional impact thought the juxtaposition of contrasting compositional elements.


I have taught animation, photography and digital manipulation for 6 years at Leeds College of Art and Bradford University, so am well versed to deliver and communicate on a one to one basis, or in front of large groups. I'm a qualified teacher and my second degree (Leeds University) was specifically aimed at teaching adults. I can think of nothing more professionally rewarding than being able to catalyse inspiration in others and experiencing genuine development. This is my main focus when teaching.

I'm in education because I love to see the development of people. I gain a deep feeling of pride to be a catalyst in this process. I have a VERY strong conviction that it is my job to create the optimum environment for learning. I see my role in teaching as a facilitator. You won't find me taking any moral high ground, as I believe that we all have valid thoughts and feelings when it comes to art. It gives me great pleasure to see my actions inspiring people and this is why love teaching.

Additional Tutors

To maintain the high standard of tutor support, on occasion it is appropriate to draw on further assistance. Please see individual workshops for information on additional tutors.